What I find in nature,

here in the Centre of Australia,

is consciousness – 

being in the present,

breathing in the now,

being at one with your Spirit.


Not resisting.

Listening with my senses,

To the land 

to its wisdom

to its energy

to what it has to teach me.

2011, Alice Springs, N.T., Australia


About deepspiritleading

I connect with the Spirit of God in the world around me, my family and friends, the people I meet in my work and daily life, in music, literature, writing, art, sacred scripture, in prayer and meditation, and most of all in nature and silence. I draw strength and sustenance from the presence of God in the small everyday happenings of life. God is always present but I however do not always have my eyes, ears or other senses attuned. Each day I need to remind myself to be awake to God's presence. Keeping a Gratitude journal, planting summer vegetables, savouring a home cooked meal with produce from my garden, holding a loved one, sitting with someone experiencing deep emotional, mental or spiritual pain or saying a silent prayer are some of the ways I keep myself open to God's loving presence in my daily life. In this blog I hope to share with you my experiences of God's deep Spirit leading me in my everyday life to become the person that only God truly knows me to be. I hope you enjoy my musings.
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1 Response to Consciousness

  1. thenoveilst says:

    Takes me back to Murwillumbah, NSW where I used to live 🙂


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