Hold the Vision

Hold the Vision

For all of my life I have been a questioner, a ‘why’ and ‘how’ person. I have sought to understand almost everything that has crossed my path, especially other people, human nature, cultures and the meaning of life. This constant ‘why’ and ‘how’ is what drove me to study English and Anthropology at university, to then train and work as a Librarian and a teacher and more recently to work in Mental Health. I have not kept my ‘why’ and ‘how’ questioning to myself, rather I have encouraged and worked with others to assist them to gently ask their own questions, to ponder and grapple with their answers and be open to who they are.

As a Librarian I learnt the skills of how to find information, to organize and use it and to impart these skills to others so that they were equipped to become independent life-long learners able to ask and answer their own ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions. As a teacher my goal was to honour and address the whole individual and to teach more than just facts. I worked to assist my students to ask questions as a means to identify and employ their preferred learning styles, their passions, their strengths and areas to develop, to better understand themselves and others, to experience the joy of learning and begin the process of discovering their ‘vocation’ in life. Now as a Mental Health worker I work with clients assisting them to question themselves and identify their strengths, values, and skills to achieve their life vision.

Living a life of purpose and meaning requires me to be open to questions, mine and others and to delight in and accept the oft challenging answers. Daily I spend time in reflection, living in awe of life, holding my vision of the life I want to live now and in the future, holding gently the tension of uncertainty, the not yet knowing or understanding and accepting with gratitude what is. Recently I came across a quote that has become a helpful mantra and guide to me, especially on days where I struggle with what is.

“Hold the vision, Trust the process” – author unknown.

These words assist me to willingly be open to the now, no matter how difficult the process. I embrace this process with joy, holding on to the vision as I continue to ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ to better understand myself, what drives me, what doesn’t, to claim my beliefs, values, strengths and fears believing that who I am and all that I experience and learn is part of the journey of becoming more fully the person I am called to be.


About deepspiritleading

I connect with the Spirit of God in the world around me, my family and friends, the people I meet in my work and daily life, in music, literature, writing, art, sacred scripture, in prayer and meditation, and most of all in nature and silence. I draw strength and sustenance from the presence of God in the small everyday happenings of life. God is always present but I however do not always have my eyes, ears or other senses attuned. Each day I need to remind myself to be awake to God's presence. Keeping a Gratitude journal, planting summer vegetables, savouring a home cooked meal with produce from my garden, holding a loved one, sitting with someone experiencing deep emotional, mental or spiritual pain or saying a silent prayer are some of the ways I keep myself open to God's loving presence in my daily life. In this blog I hope to share with you my experiences of God's deep Spirit leading me in my everyday life to become the person that only God truly knows me to be. I hope you enjoy my musings.
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2 Responses to Questioning

  1. barbaramarincel says:

    “Hold the vision. Trust the process.” I must admit that is not one of my strengths, especially lately. I am too caught up in anxious questioning, it seems, particularly about the future. I shall have to keep this saying in mind.


  2. Thank you for reading ‘Questioning’ and leaving a comment. ❤

    Yes it is a challenge to “Hold the vision, trust the process” !

    I am learning that for me it is important to live mindfully in the now with gratitude as a means to trust in God’s vision and process. This is teaching me that no matter how painful the now is there are always small wonders and joys in my life and that I’m living the vision and experiencing the process now.


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