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For all of my life I have been a questioner, a ‘why’ and ‘how’ person. I have sought to understand almost everything that has crossed my path, especially other people, human nature, cultures and the meaning of life. This constant … Continue reading

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The inner landscape

  Since I was a small child, I have constantly been drawn to landscapes and their “thin places”, places of energy, where the divine is sensed. Here I am called to look, listen and learn, to take on board the … Continue reading

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I have travelled a journey this last year of challenges, tears, joys, fear and growth, of becoming reacquainted with old friends and most importantly reacquainted with myself. Someone recently said to me quizzically that I was different, that I had … Continue reading


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The walk

  Heart and mind free of worries dropped into stillness comfort joy.   Shoulders warmed by sun Face brushed by breeze Feet teased by grains of sand, seaweed, cooling waves.   Fully present Feeling Living Now  

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Journey to the Heartland

My journey into spirituality or rather my recognition of this journey began just over ten years ago. It was not an easy path that I took, rather as David Tacey describes it, I took the ‘left-hand path into depth and … Continue reading

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Lord you walk with me each and every day, each hour, each minute. Often I do not sense your call, your nudgings, your love. And yet Ever patient You wait Until I lift my head from my concerns and distractions … Continue reading

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